The Best Sustainable Beauty Brands For Conscious Consumers

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You value sustainable choices in all aspects of life, including skincare. But how can you tell which beauty brands are truly eco-friendly? 

This guide will help you identify legitimately sustainable beauty brands so you can make purchases that align with your values. 

Refresh your self-care routine with products that benefit your complexion without harming the planet.

Rising Sustainable Beauty Brands Leading The Way

The beauty industry is shifting towards sustainability, led by innovative brands. Here are some rising names making waves with products that are kind to you and the planet.

Naturally Love Hue

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Photo courtesy of Naturally Love Hue

Naturally Love Hue believes that beauty is more than skin-deep. Driven by a desire to provide healthy, clean beauty alternatives, this brand crafts non-toxic, natural, and vegan hair and skincare products with a strong emphasis on addressing concerns faced by Black and Latino communities. Their commitment shines in these key areas:

Sustainability Focus

  1. Ingredient Sourcing: Naturally Love Hue makes smart choices in picking ingredients. They aim for things that are ethically sourced, organic, and natural whenever they can. They also make sure these ingredients come from a place that’s GMP-ISO accredited, meaning everything is tested to meet high standards.
  2. Packaging: This brand is all about using packaging that’s easy to recycle. They’re really committed to reducing their impact on the planet.
  3. Manufacturing: They work with manufacturers who use gentle, eco-friendly, and paraben-free preservatives. This shows how Naturally Love Hue sticks to its values all the way through making their products. It’s something people who care about the details will appreciate.


  1. Ingredient Philosophy: They follow the “Dirty 30” list and are open about what goes into their products. This helps customers know exactly what they’re using. 
  2. Target Conditions: They understand that melanin-rich skin has unique needs, like dealing with dryness, eczema, and hair breakage. Their products are made with these needs in mind, which is especially important for Black and Latino communities. 

Social Impact 

Naturally Love Hue is committed to giving back, particularly supporting health and wellness efforts that help bridge the gap in health disparities affecting women of color, especially during childbirth. Their aim to inspire 1 million women to choose healthier beauty options shows they’re not just about business but making a real difference.

Photos courtesy of Naturally Love Hue


Our top picks from Love Hue highlight our commitment to effective, natural beauty solutions:

  1. Anti-Breakage Deep Repair Mask: This hair mask combines banana, oat protein, castor oil, provitamin B5, and aloe to hydrate deeply, mend damage, and prevent breakage.
  2. Pink Mimosa Whipped Body Butter: Crafted with passion fruit extract, collagen, blueberry seed, primrose, green tea, and vitamin E, this body butter offers antioxidants, supports youthful skin, and combats aging signs.
  3. Winter Bliss Whipped Body Butter: A rich blend featuring retinal, pomegranate seed oil, AHA Fruit extract, bamboo extract, and vitamin E, designed to moisturize, soothe eczema, fight aging signs, and even out skin tone, leaving skin radiant and healthy.


Group of colorful nail polish bottles in various shades on a white table. Brand name "Suncoat" visible on some bottles.

Photo courtesy of SunCoat

SunCoat’s journey started in 2003, when its chemist-founder, Yingchun Liu (Ying), aimed to create a safer nail polish for her young daughter. Worried about the harsh chemicals in conventional nail polishes, Ying tapped into her scientific knowledge to invent a groundbreaking, water-based, non-toxic nail polish. This innovation offered bright colors and durability without compromising health.

Sustainability Focus

  1. Ingredient Sourcing: SUNCOAT prioritizes the use of natural and organic ingredients in their formulas, aiming to produce products that are both gentle and nourishing for the skin and hair.
  2. Packaging: The brand is actively working on reducing its use of new plastics by incorporating PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics or plastics bound for the ocean in its packaging. To enhance recyclability, the brand also opts for glass containers for a number of its products.
  3.  Manufacturing: By choosing to manufacture its products in-house, SUNCOAT ensures tighter control over its sustainability practices, aligning with its eco-friendly mission. 


  1. Ingredient Philosophy: SUNCOAT is dedicated to offering the safest beauty solutions available, steering clear of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and acetates found in traditional beauty products. Their commitment is evident in their innovative water-based product formulas. 
  2. Target Conditions: Understanding the specific needs of its customers, SUNCOAT develops products that address issues like skin sensitivity and the negative health effects associated with conventional beauty products.

Social Impact

SUNCOAT has shown a strong commitment to community support. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they donated hand sanitizers to frontline workers, senior centers, homeless shelters, and animal shelters in and around Guelph, Ontario. This contribution was crucial in helping to maintain health and safety during a significantly challenging period.

Photos courtesy of SunCoat

Award-Winning Products

  1. Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish: Winner of the Clean Beauty Award in 2020, this polish is a game-changer. It shines like traditional polish but is made from water, making it a safer choice. 
  2. Suncoat Natural Hair Styling Spray: Awarded by Green Parent Magazine in 2012, this hairspray is crafted from plant-based ingredients like corn starch. It’s free from harsh chemicals and alcohol, making styling a healthier affair.
  3. Natural Nail Polish Remover: A gentle, effective option made from corn and soybean. This biodegradable remover cleans nails while caring for them.


A close-up of Vegamour hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and gummies.

Photo courtesy of VEGAMOUR

VEGAMOUR champions the belief that achieving beautiful hair shouldn’t compromise health or harm the environment. Their approach combines holistic wisdom with scientific evidence, guiding consumers toward making informed, eco-friendly decisions.

Sustainability Focus

  1. Ingredient Sourcing: VEGAMOUR sets itself apart by meticulously selecting natural ingredients. They’ve gone a step further to create sustainable supply chains, ensuring both quality and ethical practices are upheld.
  2. Manufacturing: The brand is at the forefront of clean manufacturing, leveraging biomolecular technology to optimize ingredients. This showcases its dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility.


  1. Ingredient Philosophy: With a commitment to “clean” and easily absorbed ingredients, VEGAMOUR steers clear of harsh chemicals, animal-based components, and synthetic additives. Their groundbreaking Karmatin™ technology, a plant-based silk protein, offers a healthier alternative to traditional keratin for smoother, more vibrant hair.
  2. Target Conditions: Recognizing that hair health extends beyond its appearance, VEGAMOUR’s offerings are designed to combat hair loss, thinning, and damage from environmental stressors, providing a nurturing solution for those in pursuit of restorative hair care.

Social Impact

VEGAMOUR actively contributes to the welfare of ingredient-sourcing communities through fair-trade partnerships and ethical harvesting practices, demonstrating a deep commitment to responsible sourcing and community support.

Photos courtesy of VEGAMOUR

Award-Winning Products

  1. GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum: This serum, infused with micro-encapsulated CBD and a unique blend of natural extracts, is clinically proven to enhance hair density, thickness, and volume, targeting shedding and root strengthening.
  2. GRO Dry Shampoo:  A pioneering dry shampoo that combines refreshing properties with potent photoactive to nourish the scalp and encourage fuller-looking hair, formulated without talc or benzene for a truly clean result.

How To Properly Identify Sustainable Beauty Brands

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Looking for beauty products that work well and are eco-friendly? We’ve got some advice from Maryam Maftooh at Belle Clinic on picking the best sustainable beauty brands:

Natural And Organic Ingredients

Go for brands that use natural and organic ingredients. This is not only good for your skin but also for the planet because of how these ingredients are obtained.


Pick brands that don’t test on animals. The best ones also ensure that their suppliers don’t test on animals.


Vegan beauty products don’t have anything from animals in them. This is good for animals and can also lessen your environmental footprint.

Sustainable Packaging

Look for brands that use recyclable packaging or packaging that breaks down easily in nature. It’s even better if they offer ways to refill your product to reduce waste.

Transparent And Ethical Sourcing

The best brands will tell you where their ingredients come from and make sure they’re getting them in a fair and ethical way.


Certifications from groups like Leaping Bunny for cruelty-free, USDA Organic, or COSMOS for organic can help you trust the brand’s claims.

Environmental Initiatives

 The most committed brands don’t just stop with their products; they also help the environment by doing things like planting trees or offsetting carbon emissions.

By keeping these points in mind, you can make sure your beauty routine is not only good for you but also for the planet.

Essential Green Certifications To Find When Choosing Eco-Friendly Brands

Hands holding a green paper with a certification icon in it.

When picking sustainable beauty brands, it’s wise to check for some specific third-party certifications. These certifications come from independent organizations that have strict criteria for environmental and social responsibility.

USDA Organic Certification

This certification is given to products that are at least 95% organic, meaning the ingredients are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and the product doesn’t contain GMOs. If a product has at least 70% organic ingredients, it can say “made with organic ingredients”.

Leaping Bunny Certification  

This certification means that no animal testing was done by the brand, its suppliers, or anyone else. It’s considered the highest standard for being cruelty-free.

EcoCert & COSMOS 

These European certifications look at organic and natural content, as well as the product’s impact on the environment. They exclude synthetic preservatives and other harmful ingredients. COSMOS requires at least 20% of the ingredients to be organic.

B Corporation Certification

This certification evaluates a company’s social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Certified B Corporations must make decisions that positively impact all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Look for the “Certified B Corporation” logo on brand websites and packaging.

Choosing products with these certifications means you’re supporting brands that are really working to make a difference. It’s a way to make sure your beauty routine is as sustainable as it can be.

Make The Commitment To Create Change

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You have the power to make a difference with your beauty purchases. Seek out sustainable beauty brands that align with your values. Read labels carefully and research companies to ensure their practices are truly sustainable. It may take more effort to find clean, green products, but it’s worth it.

Not only will you look good, but you’ll also feel good knowing your beauty routine helps protect the planet. Make the commitment to buy from purpose-driven companies and spread awareness. Together, conscious consumers and conscientious companies can transform the beauty industry into one that nurtures people and the environment.

Have you made the switch to sustainable beauty? Share your favorite brands and products with us!