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Trust us when we say we have your best interest in mind. Our team of writers, editors, and researchers make sure that every piece of content meets our strict standards for accuracy, transparency, and objectivity.

With so much content on the internet, it’s challenging to keep up with what’s new and trending (and which of these trends actually work, IYKWIM) in the health and beauty world.

Here at Vanity Hero, you can binge our content knowing we’ve done the dirty work for you.

And by dirty work, we mean research, hard facts, and all the nitty gritty things to ensure our content is the latest, practical, and beneficial advice and tips for your health and beauty needs.

Accurate and Updated

We fact-check and partner with experts to ensure our wellness, fitness, and beauty content is accurate down to the tee.

And when things change, our meticulous editors go through our content and apply the necessary changes to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Inspired, Never Copied

We always cite our sources (find them at the bottom of each article!) and ensure our content is fresh and plagiarism-free.

We love transparency. Don’t you?

And to keep things crystal clear between us, we:

  1. Only partner with brands who align with our values
  2. Ensure they offer solutions to your health and beauty needs
  3. Include disclaimers in our branded content

We understand people have different experiences and needs.

To ensure you get the best health and beauty advice and tips, Vanity Hero partners with experts, regardless of race or gender, to help you find the answers unique to your situation.

To provide easy-to-understand wellness, fitness, and beauty advice and tips you can apply to live your best life

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